By Persaueas B. age 12

Tribe of Ephraim

No No Night is a theme night where the staff give you one clothes pin. You can’t say no in any language or know. (Example I know or just straight up no) whoever catches you takes your pin. You can win pins back if you catch someone else saying no. At the end of the night whoever has the most pins wins! In this case, Yamaha won No No Night 2017. I asked him: “Was it hard to get someone to say no?” he responded: “I never asked questions they did. But I never said no, they would eventually slip up.” I also asked: “how many pins did you get in all?” He said “Oooh 14, ahhh yes 14!” That’s a lot! I asked a few other people, one of them is Bailey, I asked: “Is No No Night your favorite theme night? If not what is it?” She responded: “ No, No No Night is not my favorite theme night (no pun intended), but Such A Mensch Night is.”  I also asked: “Did you get anyone to say no?” she said: “Yes actually! It was Persaueas!”

Anyways No No Night is really fun, it’s not my favorite, but it sure brings smiles and laughs to people’s faces!