Madi H., Age 14

During panels, campers will get cards and ask questions anonymously to the staff sitting in the chairs. The staff will talk abPanelout the questions in depth and explain how they can be good or bad. For this year’s panel, Ewok, Cricket, and Snapple were the ones answering questions. One of the questions was about how to talk about God in front of your friends. Another question was, what age is appropriate to date? Monique, when asked, said, “It’s a good way to ask questions anonymously.” We do panel because we can ask questions that we might not be able to ask parents, friends, or other family. “The panel is very informative,” Mekerah said. Zoë thought it was quiet and very helpful. Almost every question asked during the panel was answered. At least nine questions were answered and Streetlight was able to help out some as well.