Nathan B., Age 13

Pool time is about being with your friends and having fun and most people like playing with beach balls. My favorite part is to hang out and swim. Some people Pool timelike to suntan and lay with their friends. Some people like to go to the deep end and hold their breath underwater. Some people do not like to be in the water. My favorite part of pool time is when I jump in for the first time. But before you can go in the pool, there is a swim test so they can make sure you can swim so you can go in the deep end. Some people like to be on the floatie and flip each other in the water. Some people’s favorite part of pool time is cooling off after a hot day. There also is no running in the pool area or they will blow the whistle. My favorite part is the cold water and I also like to put on sunscreen so I do not get burnt by the sun. Some people like to sit and talk. People like to take naps by the pool. The lifeguards are nice. They are helpful if you have questions. They will answer them.