by Etain R. age 9

Tribe of Levi

On Shabbat, my dad, Gilligan, came to camp to give a message. First, we had dinner with two types of chicken legs and broccoli, it was very good! And my dad sat with us! After dinner we had some free time. And after free time we went in the dining hall for Shabbat service. First we sing songs and then we listen to my dad’s message. Then we played a game called L’chiam. The point of the game is to give a compliment to someone. There is a song you sing for example: Eitan says L’chaim L’chaim L’chaim. Eitan says L’chaim to life! Then I would have to say a blessing to someone. In this case I said the same to Zoe. I said “you are a good sport and foursquare.” Now I’m going to interview some people. “Ari, what is your favorite part of Shabbat?” He replied, “I like the option of a chicken leg or regular chicken.” I then asked Ari, who did you give your chicken leg to? “Ari, I gave my leg to Isaac for his b-day.” Then I asked Jonah, what did he likes most about Shabbat service. Janis said, “I like l’chaim the best!” I then ask Jonah, “Who did you give you’re l’chaim to?” Jonah said, “I gave it to Tyler.”