By Elie W. age 13

Tribe of Judah


Every evening at Teen Camp we go to tabernacle. Tabernacle is a time where we praise and learn more about the Lord. We start with worship led by Anonymous, singing great songs about Yeshua and his love for us. My favorite song is Oceans. One awesome part about worship is if you want to contribute to vocal or music, then you can! We then recite the Shema. This is a prayer that shows us that we need to listen to God. Next is the message. This year, we studied the book of Mark led by Red Sox. My favorite lesson was about the sower. In this parable, we learned how our faith looks in various times in our lives, depending on our situation. Red Sox does a great job at explaining difficult ideas in the text. Tabernacle is a unique part of Camp Gilgal and I greatly enjoy it.