Teepee building2Benjamin A., Age 11
Tribe of Judah

Today we built a teepee during the activity Indian Warriors. We carried a tree all the way from the woods to camp. We also gathered a bunch of logs and tree limbs. We tied them together with string. It looked like an upside down cone. We put a huge canvas cover around the teepee as a wall. We then colored it with paint and streamers on the top. For the rest of the activity, we cooked Native American food. After that Tapatio, who is Native American, taught us dances and we practiced them. On the last day we had a party in our teepee. After all of that work we had to take down the decorations because of the rain. We danced and ate the fry bread we had made. It was a great activity, and I really liked the bow I made out of sticks during it.