Gabriel H., Age 8
Tribe of Judah

This was my first time playing Skit in a Bag, and it was so much fun! Each tribe gets a bag and there are props and materials for a skit like clothes, toys, and other fun items. Then you and your tribe create a skit using all the things in the bag. Your skit has to be about five minutes and your tribe peSkit in a bag2rforms it in front of the entire camp. My tribe’s was titled, “How to Catch a Merman.” Our story was that Joshua was fishing and I was a merman. He was trying to catch me but couldn’t, so Riffraff and Feedback gave him advice. Then he catches me, but then the police, Benjamin and Matthew, arrested him because he didn’t have a license to catch fish. It was so funny! Riff Raff and Feedback were especially funny. Our tribe won the category of creativity. That was my first Skit in a Bag experience and I loved it.