Petting zoo 2- Shayna2Shayna T., Age 12
Tribe of Asher

One of my favorite parts of camp is when I get to go to the petting zoo. I usually go during tribe time and I find it most peaceful to go by myself. When my tribe leader and I got there I couldn’t help but notice how lovely the pen smelled. My favorite animals to visit are the sheet, bunnies, and the goats. The bunnies are cute and soft, but you have to be careful of their nails. The goats are creepy, but I loved to feed them. Besides my favorites, I like to pet all of the animals. The chickens were funny and cute, they really reminded me of my neighbors that breed chickens. It was so fun to watch the sheep run into the chicken coup. They are too big so it was funny to watch them try to get in. He got stuck a few times, but kept trying. I love the petting zoo, and am so excited to go back!