Ellie R., Age 10
Tribe of Benjamin

Gal-bat and Bat-dude come onto the scene and started to explain how to play Capture the Degel. There is offense and defense. You cannot line-dance. Line-dancing is when you got back and forth trying to tag the other player.

If you get tagged by the opposite team then you go to their jail and scream your loudest to let your team know where the Degel Circle is. The jail is a spot where you get captured and you cannot leave there until there is a jail break. A jail break is when someone on your team yells “Jail Break!” rushing into the jail circle without getting caught.

The point of capture the Degel is to bring the enemy flag to your side. Not only is there a jail, but there is a Degel Circle. If you reach the Degel Circle without getting caught, you can wait until you are ready and leave to get your side of the camp.

First me, Gadget, Rebekah, and Shalom went down to the jail circle area to see where the Degel Circle area was. Afterwards, we got caught in order to lead our team to the Degel Circle by screaming to them to come.

Then after a while she called a jail break and everybody ran into the Degel Circle with Shalom. I stayed behind and didn’t get tagged. Then I went into the Degel Circle. Rebekah said, “It was the funnest game of Capture the Degel I have ever played in my three years of camp.”