Lily H., Age 12
Tribe of Zebulun

Carpetball is one of the most popular games at junior camp. The game is played on a long table, covered in carpet material with a ditch on each side. To win, you have to roll a ball down the carpet and hit your opponent’s balls, which are set up on their side of the table.

In a regular game of carpetball, five balls are set up on each side of the table, and the que ball is used to knock down the other balls. Carpetballs can be set up in any fashion, as long as they are within your sides boundaries. The balls are either striped or solid, signifying a team, but at camp, all the balls are mixed.

Many set ups and strategies can be used and created in carpetball in order to win. I asked my friends and tribe-mate, Talia, what her strategy for carpetball is. She responded, “I set up two balls together on one side then three balls together on the other side. Then, I try to hit the opponent’s balls first on the right side, then the left.”

All in all, carpetball is an extremely fun game that everyone can enjoy.