Emmalee S., Age 11
Tribe of Manasseh Mail Night sm

Mail call usually happens around the end of dinner. It starts with Snapple, Bazooka, and Maverick running from the deck screaming “Mail call,” carrying a box of mail and packages from your friends and family. When they run through the doors screaming, a roar breaks out, then Snapple raises her hand and slices it down to stop the screams. There is always a spinner who does a spin when a tribe leader is called. It is exciting to get your name called. There is one special night where you sing or dance for your mail. Sing and Dance for Your Mail Night is when music plays and if you get called you can either sing or dance for your mail. This year, I sang the macarena and I got my mail. Then I got called again! But you don’t have to sing or dance if you’re called again. Mail call is super fun!