Emmanuel R., Age 13Wall scaling2

The rock wall is one of the many things there is to do at teen camp for this summer. It starts off by getting harnessed into a sling that goes around your waist and thighs and you also have to wear a helmet. You get belayed and say the commands, “belay on” and “climbing.” The wall can be hard or easy depending on what sector of the wall you decide to climb. The right side is easiest and the left is difficult. It takes a lot of upper body strength to climb the hard levels of the wall. Most times you get stuck and have nowhere to put your legs to push up and over. The wall is really fun and promotes courage, will power and determination to get the job done. Once you get to the top of the wall there is Scripture to read aloud to encourage your friends. Also there is a bell which you tap to signify that you have reached the top and hearing the bell ring makes you confident in yourself and you can cheer on others as they climb. The rock wall is something I look forward to next year at camp.

I asked Isaac about how he felt about climbing the wall. “I thought it was easy because I went on the easy side and harder on the harder side.”