Levi W., Age 9Tribe Degels1
Tribe of Asher

Hi, I’m Levi and I’m nine years old and my favorite part of camp was making our tribe degel (flag). Our tribe name was Asher and our degel was awesome! One of the best parts of our degel was the cool tree. The other magnificent part was when we signed our names, and Indiana Jones’ was the most amazing. The reason we make the degelim is because every meal we line up with them. It helps the out of cabin staff and RedSox to know which tribe we are. We also bring our degel to the Mishkan where we pray and sing songs. If you steal another tribe’s degel, they have to do something silly to earn their degel back. One tribe made another tribe do the chicken dance. At first we wanted the blue colored degel so we fought for it, but we lost. But I am actually glad that we got the orange colored degel after all, so that was a good thing. Our degel had a tree in the middle and a sunrise behind the tree. Also, we all signed our names behind everything. The other cool part about Camp Gilgal is that the staff get to help with making our own degelim. In conclusion making our tribe degel was awesome. It was a great start to an awesome first year at camp.