Benjamin smPersaeus B., Age 7
Tribe of Benjamin

There are nice ladies in the cabin of Benjamin because the tribe leaders are really nice and we made name tags for all of the beds. We love Camp Gilgal because they split you up with the staff members and I got Waffles and Galaxy. They are super nice. When you first came, they banged on the car doors. It’s super fun. After you get there they tell you their names and after a couple hours they tell you the cabin that you’re gonna be in. Camp Gilgal is awesome because it’s like you’re in a huge family and you are. Camp Gilgal has like forty-four people here this year. It is awesome because you are never lonely in your cabin because you at least have to talk to somebody in your cabin. The tribes are awesome but the tribe of Benjamin is much better. The name of our cabin is Hermit Valley. It’s awesome because the cabin can fit a lot of people. Claire likes to eat outside of the box. She makes funny food creations.