by Ellie R. age 9

Tribe of Asher

In Camp Gilgal, there is one game called Wells Fargo. On the fifth day of camp, we played Wells Fargo. Before we play the game, the tribe leaders and staff go down and change into their cowboy clothes and then they march out and talk weird. When the whistle blows, the game starts. It lasts a while, then when the whistle blows again the game ends. The side that has the most Gold wins the game. The outlaws tied with the faithful and loyal Wells Fargo agents for the first game. And then in the second game we lost. But the next two games the outlaws won meaning we won the entire game! That was very epic because the outlaws haven’t won in a long time. I asked Macaroni if it was fun chasing people and she said that “it was the best part of Wells Fargo, besides eating the watermelon during the game.” This year I was so close to getting a bag of gold but then Mango caught me. It was super fun and I can’t wait for Wells Fargo next year.