Zoe A. age 8

Tribe of Asher

I am Zoe and I speak for the trees, because we are the trees! We are the tribe of Asher. My tribe leaders are Macaroni and Pippin. Let’s go talk to them now.

First I’m going to interview Pippin. She mentioned that she’s had Hard Rock Mine as her very first cabin. She loves dressing up as a tribe for theme nights.

Next I talked with Macaroni who said that she’s been in Hard Rock Mine before too. And she loves hanging out with our cabin at Creek night. Mine and Raina’s favorite theme Night has been Stop and Go Night. Rebekah P. and Myra’s favorite team night was Feed Your Friend Night. Just like Macaroni. Rebecca S.’s favorite is Feed Your Friend Night.

This year our tribe has been great because it’s basically the same as last year. We had one more camper then last year and it was her first time at camp, and she said Camp Gilgal is awesome! One thing that stayed the same is that F.O.B is still crazy! Everyone agrees it can sometimes be very loud in our cabin.

On Animal Night we were butterflies and also for Cabin Decoration Day we had the theme of “new life” by showing the stages of a caterpillar in the jungle. One of my favorite tribe activities was skit night we performed the story of the Wizard of Oz mix with the prodigal son. It’s been a great year in the tribe of Asher, and I can’t wait for camp next year!