By Raina W. age 9

Tribe of Asher

Have you wondered what F.O.B Means? It means flat on bunk. Now that you know what F.O.B means I’ll tell you a little bit about my F.O.B. first we usually eat candy and sleep, and sometimes work on gazette articles. Let’s ask some people how they feel about F.O.B. Rebecca S. likes F.O.B because we can do whatever we want as long as it’s quiet. Rebecca P. likes F.O.B because she can pass notes. Macaroni said she likes F.O.B because it means she can nap.

Some people love F.O.B more than others. Sometimes at lunch we all chant for F.O.B because we are so excited that usually after F.O.B we have free time and get to swim in the pool! Some days we don’t have F.O.B like Men’s Day, when the ladies leave we don’t have F.O.B. or when we go to Columbia on those days it’s really easy to get tired. F.O.B is not always the most fun every day, but I still love it.