Zombie Survival1Keane R., Age 15
Tribe of Simeon

This year at Camp Gilgal there was an activity known as “Zombie Survival.” I was the only camper to participate so this is some top-secret information. First, we discussed what five things we would have in the case of the apocalypse. I said food, water, a pistol with a muffler, a machete, and shelter. Then we made an ideal, completely ridiculous, survival shelter. It was comprised of genetically engineered redwood trees – they would be extremely high, fireproof, very wide, and could bear fruit. Storage and normal civilization would be closest to the tops of the trees, along with solar panels and a botanical garden because the tops of the trees would be flat. The houses would be sort of set up like Ewok houses with bridges connecting the tops and surrounding the trees like rings. The differences are the houses are inside the trees and are used for different things. Lastly, there would be a lower floor with a huge drop ladder that is for the army to live in so they can shoot down zombies and invaders. This is what Zombie Survival was like. I love teen camp activities because they require creativity and imagination, and I can’t wait for next year!