Lindsay M., Age 14

New Campers2This is my second year of teen camp, and there are many new campers. Some came from junior camp and moved to teen camp because of age. Others came for different reasons. I’m going to interview Olivia, Mia, Nathan and Elliot about their experiences so far at teen camp. Elliot said that at junior camp there is kind of a similar schedule each day. At teen camp, he said, “You never know what to expect. It gets so confusing!” Next I asked Olivia what she thought of teen camp compared to junior camp. “She said, “We pack a lot more fun into one week than the two weeks at junior camp.” Nathan had said that at junior camp, there is a lot more control, and at teen camp, you have a lot more freedom. Mia said she likes teen camp a lot more but she wishes it was longer. She likes it better than junior camp because everyone is around the same age and that everyone can relate to one another. The new campers that I interviewed all enjoy both junior and teen camp. But in the end, I think that the new campers all feel more connected at teen camp.