Levi W., Age 11
Tribe of Judah

Tabernacle takes place in the Mish, short for Mishkan. Tabernacle is a worship service that we do every morning. I wasn’t planning on joining the worship team, but my brother Schnitzel asked me to and I’m very glad I helped him lead the service. I am one of the service leaders along with Schnitzel, Napoleon, and Isaac (who is one of my cabin mates).

We sing songs, such as “Amazing Grace,” “Ten Thousand Reasons,” “For You Who Fear My Name,” “Oceans,” “Prince of Peace,” “Sanctuary,” “Peace Like A River,” and “As the Mountains Are Around Jerusalem.” After our worship service, RedSox, the camp director, gives a message.

This year we are studying Joshua. We learned even though Joshua was scared he trusted God and led the Israelites into the Promised Land. I love Tabernacle because we get to praise and worship God.